Top 6 Cheapest Cars To Insure

Cheap Car InsuranceA penny saved is a penny earned.
This classic adage has been repeated time and time again, urging many a youngster to put away that last dollar or two. Indeed, money set aside is often money that is used most efficiently, so saving just a little is a wise idea. Unfortunately for many of us in these difficult times, having extra savings is a luxury that can only be dreamed of. That’s why opportunities to save are so vital – especially in expensive markets such as auto insurance. Believe it or not, a huge opportunity to get Cheap Car Insurance is the type of vehicle you choose to drive.

Your Car Matters

While deductibles, discounts, and other saving practices can still help, simply buying the right car can drastically lower the amount of money you spend on insuring it. Thanks to recent reviews and surveys, consumers are now able to make an educated purchase. Obviously, some factors yet remain, such as costlier cars being more expensive to insure. This comes from the extreme cost of repairs, lower safety statistics, and the fact that more expensive cars tend to be driven a bit more aggressively, thereby more likely to be involved in an accident. However, modern advances in vehicular safety and reliability have given Cheap Car Insurance to more than just minivans. This includes crossover SUVs and even some sport-type vehicles.

Ford Edge SE

Ford’s Edge has been repeatedly acclaimed as one of the safest crossovers on the market, and as such, has been named the most affordable to insure. With the average yearly premium of $1,128, the SE is an obvious choice for those looking for that penny saved.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

An annual average $1,148 has made the Grand Cherokee Laredo another fantastic option.

Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium

Just trailing the Laredo, the 2.5i version of Subaru’s Outback has an average annual premium of $1,150. With a mixture of modern accessories and impressive strength make the 2.5i a wonderful option for those looking for cheap car insurance.

Kia Sportage

Kia’s award-winning Sportage presents the low annual average of $1,157. In addition to Slovakia’s 2011 “Car of the Year” award, the Sportage has earned the IIHS award for “Top Safety Pick”.

Jeep Patriot Sport

Stylish, reliable, and affordable, Jeep’s Patriot Sport has an equally affordable average annual premium of $1,160.

Chevrolet Express 1500

$1,171 is the price tag for this certain annual premium. It easily joins the previously mentioned as one of the most affordable vehicles to insure.

There we have it: 6 modern and safe vehicles that won’t break your insurance budget. Granted, it is to be expected that premiums will fluctuate depending on the individual and the driving record that person has built. Rates will inevitably rise should multiple tickets or accidents enter the equation. Poor credit, DUIs, and your age also tend to toy with the premium. But remember – the vehicle you drive will always make a huge difference in getting Cheap Car Insurance.

After all, saving on insurance will earn you more than just a penny.